June 01, 2008

June 08 Newsletter


Camp is well underway, the first batch of students show up this week, and there is still so much to do.

My main task for camp this year has been to train people in a number of different positions, which has proved to be quite challenging. The interesting thing though is that the difficulty hasn’t actually come from teaching people all the details of their job—that has been the easy part. The problem for me has been my inability to pass the torch and let another person make the position theirs. This realization caused me to reflect and ultimately ended up pointing to some deeper issues.

When Jesus roamed the earth He talked a lot about trusting him. He once told the disciples to go out without provisions and told them to trust him for their needs. Another time Jesus talked about how God takes care of the lilies and the sparrows and then He pointed out how much more God loves us—the very creatures He chose to make in his own image. There is that theme again—trust. We are all called to trust God with everything and that is an unbelievably tough thing to do sometimes. I have always said that I trust God with my whole heart but because of the recent difficulties I’ve had, it has made me wonder how much I am really willing to trust God.

I guess I will find out that answer soon enough. With the upcoming trip to Amsterdam and the experiment in Kingdom living happening in the fall I am putting myself in a place where I will either have to trust God more or go insane because of all the moving pieces in my life right now. As I look ahead at the last 2 weeks before I leave and see the different things that still need to happen, it is crucial that I trust God in all things. After all, camp will still go on without me and God will bless those who are working diligently to learn their new roles. I need to simply let go of my worries and rest in the knowledge that God will take care of everything.

Our God is a good provider and He means it when He says that we need to focus on the day at hand. God has got everything under control and He wants nothing more than for us to rest in his arms and call others to the same.

Letting things go, passing the torch off to others, and letting God be God are crucial lessons for us to learn. As the amount of responsibilities we take on increase it becomes harder and harder to keep on letting God be in control. It is a beautiful thing whenever we do though because we will experience an immense peace and calm because we are living in the freedom God freely gives when his children trust him as a child trusts his father.

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