October 06, 2006

October '06 Newsletter


It’s not uncommon to hear friends tell me “It’s okay, I know you’re super busy,” whenever I tell them I can’t hang out with them. In the past this never bothered me, but recently it’s been something I can’t seem to stop thinking about.
At camp this summer, one of the main themes I took back with me was the need for rest and solitude. Camp’s schedule is set up intentionally to go against the grain of our culture, purposely taking things slower—allowing time to enjoy relationships, creation, and God. It was really refreshing to be fully in that for the four months I got to live at camp each of the past two summers. However, one thing I noticed once I returned home is that I immediately fell back into keeping an insanely busy schedule. I would be out and about from 9am-11pm daily doing work, hanging out with friends, or doing random errands. It’s only been two months since camp ended, and I’m already fed up with this routine. It has already left me feeling exhausted and has the potential to really mess up my life.
So now its time for a change. I’ve been blown away by some of the things I’ve learned recently on this topic, which makes me all the more motivated to change some of my bad habits I’ve developed over the years. The big “slap in the face” for me came when I was at church recently and the pastor was talking about the Sabbath. It was incredible to hear just how the Sabbath is really intended for our good! We have all this stuff to build and maintain—whether its at work, home, or in our many relationships—and if we never take a break...we will soon collapse. I am realizing now that I need rest; that I am not God. I am a creature with limitations and I need to accept that fact and spend time resting in the Creator’s love.
And so the restructuring begins. I’ve been trying to declutter my life and rebuild it in a more restful way; leaving time for resting in God’s sovereignty. It’s a tough thing, but good. Over the past month, I’ve successfully eliminated virtually every commitment I’ve ever gotten myself into. Now I am faced with the challenge of not only thinking through a new schedule that reflects the things I’ve been learning, but also facing the challenge of implementing the new schedule once it’s all figured out.
This presents a whole new set of problems which will be tough to navigate through. I am now faced with questions regarding the number of people I hang out with in a given week, how much family time I should have, and how much time I should leave open for potential quality time with God and with people who need it. Much discernment is needed for this to go well, and I would greatly appreciate your prayers as I wrestle through this.
It’s a tough thing to balance all I’m doing at work with the rest of the things I need to be doing to ensure long-term success without burnout. I’m really thankful for the Bible and all it teaches me. Just pray that I don’t lose sight of the reason behind me doing this in the first place, and that I will constantly remember Psalm 23 as I go about my daily life.
“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not be in want. He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside still waters...”

Katie G, Kenny, Nick, and Danielle all attending the special “Afternoon with Kenny” birthday party. He’s 61!!!!


Every month, some friends and I get together with a good man. His name is Kenny, and if you have ever been to either the New Earth or Main Street coffeehouses then you know exactly who I am talking about. For those of you who don’t know the man, please allow me to bring you up to speed on all things Kenny.
Kenny has been a staple at both previously mentioned venues serving as a security guard, he loves all the bands he gets to meet (he is usually sporting a wide array of different band’s merchandise), and he is a master of the pun. Anytime you say something simple like “Hey, Kenny!” He will quickly reply with the always irreverent, “Hay is for horses.” So as you can see, Kenny is a man who loves life.
The monthly ‘Afternoons with Kenny’ have also made me realize something. He has made me realize how important time is to people. I have heard almost every time we’ve met how much he loves getting to hang out with us...and you can tell he loves it by how he just lights up. This really drives home the reason for my restructuring, and how important it is that I leave time for people. I’m not talking about a quick 30 minute cram session, but an afternoon or an evening just hanging out and being inefficient.
Relationships, if they are efficient, are probably not healthy. Relationships require a lot of time and care...and can’t be dealt with in the same way a work project can. If we tackle relationships in this way then we’re really not loving people, we’re only loving ourselves. I’m currently learning to really take things slow when it comes to being with people. Please pray that I will block out sufficient time to be inefficient with people, so I can better love them.

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  1. right on with the decluttering post. just totally know how you feel. i think for one, it comes with working ministry. we are inevitably "too busy" which is just sad. there have been many time where i have said, 'wow i need to let go of some stuff' but i don't. it has been here lately that i have had to reevaluate WHAT i am doing verses what i SHOULD be doing that will both grow me spiritually and leave the time for God that HE deserves. wow. thanks. good post.